Welcome to A Taste of Corfu. Essentially a food blog with a touch of travel thrown in for good measure. Cooking in my tiny kitchen, in my sunny studio on the stunning island of Corfu, I will endeavour to try my hand at traditional Greek and Corfiot recipes or take inspiration from them and give them my own twist. Not all of them will be a success, I’m sure, I am by no means a professional chef but I love to cook, eat and learn more so I will be relying on my (hopefully soon to be) army of readers and followers to¬†impart their knowledge and share tips. Greek mothers and grandmothers are especially welcome!

As well as recipes I will also be sharing my opinion on some of the best and worst eateries on the island and making my recommendations on beauty spots and sharing all the food facts I can gather. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy my research.