Oven baked Greek omelette

This recipe two simple and delicious staples from the Mediterranean, the Spanish omelette and the Greek salad.

The ingredients always seem to be lurking in my fridge and this is a can be a tasty meal, snack or something you can take along to a picnic. Just as good hot or cold.

As a main meal I serve it with some fried onions, mushrooms and tomatoes just so theres something a little juicy on the side.


Just before it hits the oven

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Pastisada – cooked in Corfu with London pretentiousness

Here is another traditional Corfiot recipe that has been languishing in my Corfu notebook for months, pastisada. It’s usually made with either rooster or beef and served with spaghetti or a longer version of macaroni (used to make pastitsio), but as I like to be different and my guinea pig doesn’t like to eat chicken on the bone I used lean chicken breast, which in my mind seems to make it the more healthy option too.  Sticking with the health kick, and keeping in mind my gluten-free friends, I busted out my Veggetti for the first time and made courgetti (I know the name sounds utterly wanky but it is delicious and you can call it courgette pasta if it makes you feel better).

patisada with courgetti


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Sofrito (Σοφριτο)

While I’ve been cooking, eating, researching and posting said research on my Instagram feed for months I haven’t truly broken ground with an actual recipe. So, it seems fitting that as I’m finally brave enough to cook my all time favourite, sofrito, and finally brave enough to publish a post.

Fittingly, as well as being my favourite sofrito originated in Corfu and is beautifully made in restaurants and home kitchens all over the island.


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Let’s try that again…

OK, so I had some grand plans. I was going to cook and eat and travel and blog.
I did it all, apart from the blogging. To be honest when I wasn’t working and doing all of those things, spending time with friends, drinking coffee and just generally being outside in the warm sunshine or at a busy bar, filled me with far more happiness than sitting inside writing. But now, like a fool, I’m back in cold rainy London, searching for paid work again so now its time to put finger to keyboard and start typing up all those scribbled notes and memories and share some recipes and food porn!


Cooking from the tiny kitchen in the banner photo I will share my versions of traditional and not so tradional Greek and Corfiot recipes.
From my travels and adventures on this stunning island I will give you tips on where to eat in the form of restaurant reviews, share culinary facts and wisdom that I hope to gather from my time here and point out some lovely places for you to visit too.